Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The afternoon I ran over Ollie's foot.

This story is equally terrifying as well as hilarious.
Today I ran over Oliver's foot with my car.
He was so antsy to get out of the car and he opened the door as I was 
backing into the carport and he jumped out while I was moving.
And then, I ran over his foot.
Simple as that.
I felt the car go over a bump, and yelled to the other Litte Nies
what that heck that bump was.
Claire said:
"Mom, you just ran over Oliver"
In my rear-view mirror I saw Ollie laying on the ground.
And I realized that bump was my first born son.
It was all so fast.
My heart dropped to my feet and I think I screamed,
but I can't be sure because as I said it was all so fast.
I threw the car in park and jumped out to where he was laying.
He told me his foot hurt and I was sure I crushed it.
Oh, and he was crying.
Then I pulled Ollie's shoe and sock off to examine the damage.
No coloring, no bruising, no broken bones,
I couldn't believe it.
Then he jumped up and ran around to show me he was fine.
I told him I was pretty sure that an angel came down and protected him.
  I honestly believe that too.
And that ladies and gents is what a Tender Mercy is.

* * * * * * *
Happy Birthday Spencer Jones.  We love you!