Monday, March 17, 2014

Speaking, signing and spiffing

Green pancakes for breakfast and other trickery throughout the day.

How was your weekend?
Mr. Nielson and I drove 5 hours south with my parents to Kanab, Utah.
Where I spoke at a women's forum.
The little Nies were in good hands with nephews and nieces
back at home at Fox Hill.
It's always easier leaving the children when
I know they are in good hands.
Before I spoke, Mr. Nielson and I went into the dressing room 
where we tried on props and costumes.  Good times.
Here is a little snippet of my keynote:
When you think about your wildest dreams, what comes to your mind?   
During those horrible days in the hospital I would fantasize about cleaning my toilet.   
My hands stretching and bending freely.  I thought about picking up the garbage 
that my dog would get into and leave in little piles 
in my backyard because picking it up 
would mean I could walk, bend, and feel the sun on my face and wind in my hair. 
 I thought about reading books to my children, holding my husbands hand, 
and kissing the back of his neck like I did sometimes when he'd come home from work.
I knew that I wanted that life again.  
But that would mean that I needed to work like I had never worked before.   
I spent hours in therapy learning to bend my newly graphed and scared skin.  
Bending it would also break it and it would bleed and I was back in surgery.  
It was so horrible, but I wanted my job back.

After I signed a few books and met some darling, strong, wonderful women.
 *Special thanks to Ruche for my sweet Fox dress!
* * * * * * *
 The amazing Pauline of My Altered State took our old outdoor furniture 
 and transformed it into this awesome sign:
She also spiffied up this cute chair that Mr. Nielson and
 I "borrowed" from the house 
next door in our first ever home in 2000.  (Scott & Sarah, remember this?)
It looks as good as new!!!  Amazing!
Pauline is pretty talented- and I am grateful to be a recipient of her work.
Head over to her blog to get tips and tricks and a great DYI!