Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nostalgic in Fox Hill

Let me introduce you to the mantel at Fox Hill...

The mantel is pretty cool and very nostalgic for our family.
 This is 100 year old barn wood that Mr. Nielson's 
great-grandfather cut down himself
to build the homestead at the Ranch in New Mexico.  
Mr. Nielson and I found untouched pieces stored
 in a shed out by the main ranch house.  
We also took pieces from a falling down shed and
 hauled it all the way home to Fox Hill.

From there, our amazing carpenters carefully went through the wood
inspecting it, pulling out nails, probably mice poop and who knows what else.
The carpenter who arranged the mantel passed away unexpectedly in December 
just as he was finishing up the last board, 
so it's pretty sentimental to us in more ways than one.
This darker wood shows up in our kitchen
island and inside cupboards.
 Carpenter Dan helped us design where to place the wood in the kitchen area.
He is still working putting on knobs, 
and finishing up cupboards and all that jazz. 
(I will show that to you another day).

 {this is Carpenter Dan}

I am working on art pieces for the mantel.  
Right now the only thing on the mantel is this Brittany Scott painting.
This piece is a real place in Utah. 
 I have been there, which is why it speaks to me.
  It's actually the exact spot that the Clark menfolk go
deer hunting every year, so that's pretty cool.

Learn more about Brittany Scott on her Mormon Artist page.