Monday, March 31, 2014

Let the new week begin

 As I mentioned in last Friday's post, Mr. Nielson 
and I ventured to Wyoming over the weekend
where I spoke at a women's conference, and also signed books. 
 I met some very inspiring women and men and some burn survivors too.
On the way home Mr. Nielson and I spotted a restaurant on the side of the road 
and couldn't help but snap a photo.  Lotty' cute!!!
This is going to fit nicely in Lottie's baby book.
I got home in time to take my beautiful girls to the Women's General Meeting.
It was amazing.  Words can't describe how thankful I am that I was with 
my girls listening to inspired words.  
I think I cried through the whole conference.  
I was grateful for my Mormon faith, inspired leaders of God, 
and that I am a mother raising such amazing girls who know 
that with God, they are truly unstoppable.
What better confidence would they ever need? 
 After the conference the girls and I joined family at a 
local Italian joint downtown Provo.
Just for the record (again), I am a happy woman in the Mormon church.  
I know that listening to the living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson 
will bring happiness, safety and peace.
I am content as a woman in the Mormon faith.
I feel validated and appreciated.
Also, this weekend, we are preparing to 
184th Annual General Conference of the Church.
I am so excited.... (I need a better word to describe that)- 
I am thrilled, ready, and anxious for conference.
I encourage and invite you to make this a priority in your life.
If you are not a Mormon, please check it out anyway.
Also, if you would like to request a free copy of 
  I will send it to you with lots and lots of love.