Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Incredibly validating

 I drove to the grocery store with Lottie today.
As I drove I looked at her in my rear view mirror; she was sitting in her
 car seat sucking her binkie and looking out the window.  
Her big brown eyes blinking and watching the world out the window.
I had so much peace in that moment.
There are times in motherhood that are incredibly validating.
For me, this was one of them.
Looking at this beautiful creature in the back seat I thought about how
 amazing it truly was that Mr. Nielson and I created her.  
She is a beautiful and perfect little soul who's
 blood is my blood and who's spirit is connected to mine.

At that moment, I actually felt like a queen.

I know the world sends mothers and women messages that motherhood is boring, 
thankless and is for women who aren't educated enough to do anything else with their lives.

I think its the closest to royalty a woman can get in this world.

I have never done anything more fulfilling, more rewarding,
and more God-like than being a "plain old mother".
Of course its challenging, but I wouldn't claim the role as queen 
 if it wasn't going to help me stretch, grow, change, satisfy, frustrate,
exhaust enrich and help me experience true joy daily.
I don't know a lot of jobs that can promise that.