Friday, March 21, 2014

Eyeballing it

Today is the last day the Nielson's will go skiing for the 2013/14 year.

 Sundance closes the slopes on April 6th for the season.  
 If Mr. Nielson and I are really lucky, we will be able to get one more day in
before that April 6th date, but chances are slim. 

I dedicated the last few days of my life just to decorating Fox Hill.  
That means I stayed in my Mexican House dress and socks pretty much all day.
I think drive Mr. Nielson crazy because when I want to hang 
pictures on the wall I use a little technique I know called: eyeballing.
  He takes 4 hours and measures everything.  He also likes
to use a crafty tool called a "stud-finder" to be sure everything is safe and 
sound on the wall.  That is what I love about that man.
 I decided to put my books on our window seal and color code them.
That was a fun and therapeutic job. 
(FYI: I have most of these books in soft backs as well, 
so we can read them without stressing out about retrieving them)
Or maybe I should consider getting a cool library ladder?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
All I want to do this weekend is:
Clean out my garage
Sweep my stairs
Watch 4 movies
Not cook dinner
Hike around Fox Hill with the Little Nies.
Nie signing off until Monday