Thursday, March 27, 2014

Decorating the nooks

We are almost done moving and decorating in the children's rooms.
I need to straighten a few frames, find pictures for those frames
and finish cleaning and organizing closets.
The little Nies decided what art and treasures they wanted on their shelves
 and walls then they asked me if I'd decorate their nooks a while they were at school.
They were pretty pleased when they came home.  
I love making my children happy by doing simple and enjoyable tasks.
Mr. Nielson and I wanted to have built-in beds because they are Scandinavian, 
cozy and also because when I was a child, my favorite book was called
which feature some very darling built in beds.
Anyway, I hung art in the children's nooks from favorite artists:
and those amazing genealogy charts by I (Chart) you
(so they know the names of their brave predecessors).
Someday I would love to wallpaper inside the bed nook- 
but that will have to be another day.  
{I am itching to find fox wallpaper}. 
 Nicholas portrait above his bed by: Paul Ferney