Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Your story.

Last weekend I was honored enough to be a keynote presenter at
 RootsTech 2014 conference.
I shared my feelings about why I blog about my family and life.
I think it is important to keep an account
 of your family whether you blog, scrapbook,
take photos or videos- whatever you do, tell your story and don't stop.
 I encourage you to write down stories about you and your loved ones
that can help you and your family develop an attitude
of gratitude for the ones who came before you.
Because I believe that we are all survivors of something and our
stories need to be shared.
At the end of my presentation, I showed this beautiful video that my 
handsome and talented cousin Jed Wells created for me when
baby Charlotte was born.
(Watching it on the humongous screen behind me made me weep)

After I spoke, I was escorted to the "media hub" where
Darin Adams from Channel 5  interviewed me.
 (dear Darin, I only had this photo of you blinking...
I am sorry, you are awesome)

It was a wonderful experience and I was grateful to be a part of RootsTech!
You can watch my RootsTech Keynote HERE  I start at 34:30)
Also if you don't want to watch the keynote, read about it HERE

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