Monday, February 10, 2014

Wooden hand

Once a month I step into Dr. Mark Jensen's office for a review
(which I seem to like better than exam).
I usually have Lottie with me.  Mark's staff is super awesome to let me bring 
her in because she is kind of a terror and eats all of their treats.  
Last visit, Mark and I are discussed the latest "laser procedure" 
he preformed on my left hand.
The purpose of the laser treatment was to break up the horrible 
scarring on my hand in hopes it 
will have more movement and less pain.  
Right now my left hand is what I call my "wooden hand".  
It really doesn't move and I often times feel like the one-armed-man 
(like in the movie Fugitive).
In all seriousness though, it really frustrates me.  
I am in lots of pain and it bothers me that I won't function right.
Check out this recent photo I took with Ree in Salt Lake City:
(wooden hand)
I laughed and then cried.  What is that? And what is that one finger doing?

Thanks to Dr. J who is so patient with me.  
The laser he did last month hurt like the dickens, 
but I can already tell it will really benefit in the long run.
I will probably need to go back about 99 more times though.

Hey guys, keep the candy jar filled for us, you know, Lottie and me.

(I will be blogging about my fantastic weekend soon)