Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Three questions to ask yourslef when blogging:

I have often been asked questions about my blogging experience.
People who want to begin blogging ask me what they should know or
expect when starting a blog.
Since I began blogging in 2005, I have always had the same three questions
in my heart that I ask myself whenever I write a post:

1. Who is my audience?
2. What am I going to share/write in my post?
3. Can I freely talk about God?

These are just my personal rules that I follow.  
I have found that following these guidelines I write more fulfilling
and positive blog posts.  
Since this blog is also a wonderful family history journal for my generations, 
I share highs and lows, ups and downs.  

I also think knowing when the appropriate time to blog is another key to successful blogging. 
And when I say knowing, I mean like the time of day.
I blog when my children are away at school,
napping, or after they have gone to bed.
I am a mother first.  If I can get my priorities straight then the time 
I have to blog is more enjoyable for me and not a job or obligation.
I don't feel guilt because I am staring into
my computer while the little Nies are 
wandering around the house looking for something to do or eat.
Or needing attention from me.
Blogging is a project that I love, but it also requires
 balancing responsibilities and knowing what comes first.