Friday, February 28, 2014

Slowly but surely

Wahoooooo for the weekend!
What are your plans?
This weekend you will find me hanging some art in Fox Hill.
It's a little daunting.
I have these blank spaces and I can't decide where to put anything.
I hung up my Caitlin Connolly sketches over my bathtub today.  
Fox Hill still has sinks to install, knobs to be put on, and areas to clean out.
But I am feeling like its coming along- slowly, but surely.
 Mr. Nielson and I have a date planned this weekend, and a weekend
 wouldn't be complete without a ski trip at Sundance.
It's been raining in the valley, but snow in the mountains.  Good News!
A few months ago, I blogged about Youkidvid, a cool new video company in L.A.
The team at Yourkidvid are directors and editors who turn your home 
video clips into mini-movies.
Send in your videos and you will have a darling hand-crafted movie in return.
Use code YKV-4312 for 20% off your video.

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE: Defending your right to exercise your faith.

So long February!!!!