Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last Saturday the Little Nies (minus Lottie), Mr. Nielson and I, 
met our dear friends the Linebaughs at Sundance.  
We had lunch in Mr. Linebaughs office (he is the Sundance GM).
My boys went with Mr. Nielson and Linebaugh boys downhill skiing 
while I took the girls along with Amber and her son Brock x-country skiing.
It was amazing weather.  Spring skiing for sure.  
We didn't even wear our gloves and coats.

My girls are equally smitten by Brock.  
We are hoping for a future marriage in the mix somehow.
 As we skied I glanced Jane several times 
and admired her beautiful orange hair.  
It was amazing against the white snow and aspen trees.  
Wow, how on earth did I make this child with this color of hair?  I am in love.
 Don't you love aspen trees? 
 Sundance is famous for the beautiful aspens along the trails.
I am grateful for Amber.  She is such a sweet wonderful friend 
who is supportive of me and my family.  
I am also grateful that I live in this beautiful state of Utah.  
These mountains charge my batteries, they keep my grounded and sane.  
I am also pretty sure they have magical healing powers too.
* * * * * * * *
I am speaking at the Women's Forum in Kanab, Utah 
Saturday, March 15th
Book signing after keynote.
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