Thursday, February 06, 2014


Lucy is staying with us while her husband Andrew 
is away at the Gem show in Arizona.  
{Andrew is a very talented goldsmith}.
I wanted her to come help me unpack boxes while she stayed with us, 
but in reality, all we do is play with our children, 
sweep my endless dusty floor, 
and last night we stayed up until 2:30 in the morning.
Mr. Nielson probably feels like a husband to sister-wives.
And my mom sends us texts at night to be sure we are hugging and kissing
each other before bed "just like old times."
Sadly, we never ever hugged and kissed before bed.  It was kind of the opposite.
In fact, this may surprise you, but I was kind of mean to Lucy as kids (shocking).
Today after lunch we threw our babies in the tub and put them down for naps.
We wanted to attempt organizing my closet but that never happened.  
The amazing workers are still coming over to install, fix, paint, 
and work at Fox Hill.
This morning we are pretty sure the cabinet man saw Lucy's you-know-whats 
as she was nursing Hal.  A few days ago the dry-wall dude saw me
absolutely naked as I walked out of the shower.

 It's a good thing I really love these guys.