Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday love

It's a new week.  Here we go.
Monday's for me are always the most busy days.
I plan meals and shop for the week. I prepare for Family Home Evening, 
and look through the family calender for upcoming events. 
Tomorrow I will be at the children's elementary school to watch Oliver give his 
Indian report and bring cookies to Jane's class for her birthday.
This all needs to be done before naps.  Missing naps is pretty much the 
worst for both Lottie and me.
Yesterday Claire snapped a few photos of Mr. Nielson and I after church.
Mr. Nielson looks like he is 14.  I love that my hair is in his pizza.
I am blessed each and everyday to have Mr. Nielson as my best friend.
He loves me completely with my flaws and all.  

* * * * * * * * *
Look at this adorable locket from The Vintage Pearl we got Jane for her birthday.
Jane was so pleased when we gave her this locket
with a photo of her with her boyfriend (Mr. Nielson).

I hope you have a wonderful Monday.