Friday, February 21, 2014

It's friday, friday!

Hip hip hooray for the weekend!
Mr. Nielson is going on his last camp out as the Scout Master.
He was released from his duties last week.
It's pretty bittersweet for both of us.
He will be taking our boys on this cold overnight-er.
This is called the "Klondike" where the boys will
 create a snow cave to sleep in.  
Fun.  Not.
Today is also ski day and the girls will be skiing, so Lottie and I will be alone
for most of the afternoon.  We will probably finish unpacking the boys room.
I usually unpack and she plays with whatever I am unpacking.
A few days ago I decided with the Little Nies that everyday after school 
we could go on a little hike around Fox Hill.
Lottie had a runny nose the whole time, Jane cried because her ears were cold,
Nicholas claims he was stung by a bee,
 Oliver jumped off anything and everything he could,
and Claire ran circles around us--she's big into running lately.
 This is going to be a great tradition.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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