Monday, February 03, 2014

Genealogy stuff

 Happy Monday friends!
 {me with cabbage patch dolls 1984}

  I will be joining Ree Drummond {aka: The Pioneer Woman} and others

This conference is designed to help you collect your family history and stories 
and is hosted by,
the largest genealogy association in the world.
I am speaking on Saturday at the general session.  
I plan on sharing why I believe it's important to keep track of amazing, 
important, and noteworthy events in life (life for example; a plane crash).
RootsTech 2014 takes place on February 6-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
To register, go HERE
The Pioneer Woman.  Love her.

Speaking of Family History, do you have your family genealogy chart yet?
Head over to I (chart) you and order your history.  
I can't wait to display mine somewhere in Fox Hill.  
Since I am still unpacking, looks like we are about 20 years out.  Sheesh.