Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another day

This is the view from our bedroom.
During construction and after.
It's not entirely done either.  Instead of a fence right out the doors, 
we are building a wrap around porch that connects with the front porch.  
It's going to be awesome.
I still pinch myself every morning that I live here.
I am a blessed woman.  
It's a quite spot and perfect for me and my family.
Tonight we may have had our first real tears in Fox Hill.
Claire is doing a report on Queen Elizabeth I.
Since Jane has red hair like the queen, 
Claire is going to bring her in as her "visual aid".
It was all fun and games until Jane told Claire (during practice) 
that she was using her hands way too much while she spoke.  
Claire got really mad and told Jane she had pink skin like a pig.
Then it was all over.  
I sent them to bed and said we'd try it again tomorrow.
After all, tomorrow is another day...