Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why we call it Fox Hill

{Fox Hill by Justin Hackworth}
About a year after Mr. Nielson and I returned to Utah after our accident 
in 2008, we spotted a piece of property not too far away 
from where I grew up in Utah.  
And then we fell in love with it.
It was close to the mountains I loved and grew up climbing and exploring.
It was close to my parents, my siblings and friends.
This land was in a secluded and quiet area where only animals roam but the view is amazing.
For three years we visualized our family there, 
we saw our future home and memories there.
We walked to it with the Little Nies, admired it, 
and saved up our money so one day we could buy it.
About three years ago after we were able to finally purchase it,
 I drove to this amazing piece of land and stared at it 
with tears in my eyes and a gratitude in my heart.  
It officially belonged to me.
As I turned to leave, I looked toward the hills and the most
 beautiful red fox sat staring at me.
He didn't move.
His coat was the most colorful deep red I have ever seen.
After we caught eyes, he swiftly ran off over the hill 
and disappeared in the tall yellow grass blowing in the wind.
It was like he was telling me that this was his hill, 
his land- but that our family
could share it with him.  I never saw him again.
I went home and told Mr. Nielson my magical story, 
then we decided to name our new home Fox Hill.
We've seen lots of deer, squirrels, snakes, and birds,(in fact a woodpecker was 
stuck in the house a few days ago and pooped on my mantel- poop still there} 
but the fox has not come back yet.
I am hoping he comes back to visit.  
And that is the story of why we call our home Fox Hill.

The End.