Friday, January 24, 2014

Why I blog:

I had the honor and opportunity to speak at the
conference a few days ago.
I expressed my feelings about why I blog,
how I use my blog as a way to share my beliefs 
and dedication to my family and my religion.  
I also briefly discussed how I deal with the online haters {"trolls"}
and mean comments that I frequently receive.
This is the bad side of blogging.  
It's easy to write horrible anythings when you are on the other side
of a computer screen, but it is another story
to tell someone those thoughts to their face.
I never ever EVER write anything that I wouldn't ever say to someone in
conversation- or use language that would disappoint those I love most.
Of course we all have opinions, and they are all different and that is wonderful
and part of living all together in on this beautiful earth.
But some people have crazy amounts of hate and nerve.
When I blog, my main focus is on my children. And here is why:

I hope that through blogging Claire will know that I value the role as mother and woman.  I hope she can see this as I cultivate my skills and desire for cooking, cleaning, managing a home, and developing my talents and abilities at the appropriate times and seasons of my life as a mother...her mother.  I also hope she can see this through my loving relationship with her father--Mr. Nielson.
I think about Jane who is living a magical childhood.  She believes in fairies and reads books all day long.  Jane's honest-to-goodness dream is to sit on the huge windowsills in our city's 100 year old library and read. The dream part would be sitting on the windowsills since it is not allowed. 
She also thinks that all little girls should have a garden and a Mary Engelbreit calendar in their room.
Through my blog I want Jane to see how important traditions are and that home is where she will be safe, content, warm, and valued. When I decorate my home for any holiday, I do it with Jane in my mind.  She is always so excited about it.
As I blog I think about Oliver and hope he can see that respect and honesty are an important part of growing up. 
That being bold and brave means standing up for others and
protecting those who need it most. I hope he sees the way his father treats me
and follow his example and will treat any woman in his life with kindness,
care and concern
{even if they don't deserve it}.
I think about Nicholas and hope he will forever know that the most 
important part of life is to have a family and to rely on God.
I hope he will forever value the relationships and unity our family shares.
Especially as he matures. 
Today one of Nicholas' teachers told me that his 1st grade
classroom was walking back to class after lunch and Nicholas saw Oliver.  
She said they ran up to each other hugged and even said "I love you".
I hope they show some kind of brotherly unity forever and treat
their sisters like little princesses.
I think about sweetheart Charlotte.  I want her to share her light and love to everyone she comes across.  I want her to never forget that love and earnest faith and prayers is what brought her into this world in the first place and she will have the security of love forever.
I hope all the children know we cannot live a happy and successful life without 
acknowledging God and His infinite love and forgiveness.

I also blog because I can publicly tell Mr. Nielson I love him every single day.

Amen.  The End.
Have a great weekend.

* * * * * 

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