Thursday, January 09, 2014

Out of the cold

Mr. Nielson and I are headed to Arizona today with baby Charlotte. 
We are making the 10 hour drive and I have a feeling its going to be really long.
Lottie is not such a fan of the car.
We are going to Arizona because the Mr. and I are speaking at a large
youth conference with a handful of amazing people
like Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Brooke White, and Mitt Romney.
For more information about this go HERE.
{this is not a political conference--FYI...and anyone is welcome}

I am also going to visit my home away from home- the Arizona Burn Center.
It will be nice to see the amazing staff and visit with some patients too.
Then I will probably pick up some fresh citrus--if there is any left,
visit LGO, and deliver late Christmas presents to friends and family.
On Sunday, Mr. Nielson will drive from Arizona to the Ranch in New Mexico.
He is going to be checking up on the ranch and pick up some wonderful
pinon wood for burning. I will fly home- or to our hotel/home.
When I get back, first thing I want to do is Ski with Mr. Nielson.
The children are starting up ski school at Sundance Ski Resort next week-
they are so excited- and so am I.
  Happy Thursday.
Blogging from sunny AZ tomorrow.