Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Our Last Christmas on Briar Avenue

Christmas was just as magical-as always.
The children woke up at 6:30 and jumped on our bed ready to begin the day. 
 I could have slept another 2 hours- at least.
Enjoy the photos:
* Claire's favorite gift- new bike.
  Her last bike was given to her by Santa SEVEN years ago.
and she still happily rode it around. 
 The new bike fits her growing body but I don't think it will last her another seven years- sadly.

*My favorite gift was this gorgeous emerald ring that Mr. Nielson gave me. 
(and my brother-in-law Andrew made) 
 I have always wanted a emerald and was absolutely shocked when Mr. Nielson gave it to me.
 *Nicholas got some great toys, but for some reason all he can think about were the Danish ebelskivers that I made for Christmas breakfast.
 *Jane loved her compound bow. She took it right outside and shot the 
eye off the snowman she made earlier that week--first shot.
*Of course Ollie was most excited about his drum set,
 but he and Nicholas sat at the kitchen table and played with their Legos for most of the day.
 *Mr. Nielson loved his self-portrait that Claire drew for him.  
We are framing that!
*Lottie got a record player for Christmas.  She hasn't touched it.  
She just loved the balloons and chaos of the day.

**Miscellaneous favorites: **
On Christmas night, Mr. Nielson and I went up to Fox Hill
 and checked out the progress.
Paint is being sprayed and the windows are all covered up.  
We are so excited for this dream to become a reality.