Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Last week...

 Last week Mr. Nielson and I had the privilege to speak to a wonderful group of 
youth in Arizona.
Some of the highlights were:

When my cute niece Lucy braided my hair.  She is a braid-wizard.
Mr. Nielson and I drive around in the Arizona sun in a golf cart.
And when Mitt Romney did the "Soupie Shuffle" on stage.

Also when Lottie took about 50 photos of her feet and Mr. Nielson's head. 
These photos make me laugh.
 We also visited the wonderful Andrew and Reachel family.  Love them.
 Getting to wear a this Shabby Apple dress.
And lastly, when we found the Waffle Love truck and enjoyed
dinner with Spencer and Lindsay and founder Adam.

Arizona: THE END