Friday, January 10, 2014

I will stay true

I have come to a few conclusions these past few days.
I feel like if I am not proactive in sharing 
how I feel then I am not being true to who I am, 
to my family, my duty as a mother and blogger, and most importantly to God.
First and foremost, I stand with and will defend my Mormon faith.  
Whatever the Prophet says, I do.
As a mother of five children I will not stand around 
and let the world decide what is moral,
 what is right, and how I should raise my children. 
And just because the world changes with 
every single trend doesn't mean I will too. 
As a Mormon, I want to make it clear that 
I can still love everyone but I don't have to 
agree or condone others lifestyle choices that go against the teachings of our 
Heavenly Father and His commandments and words.
If God changed at every single whim and fad, He would cease to be God.

I have heard it said that people think that being good, having a family, and following moral rules means you are stupid, and uneducated. 
Big news: It's not.
I will fiercely defend my family and will not change or become a "try-hard" to 
seem awesome and fit-in with the changing values of this world.
 I believe I am a woman of worth.
I believe I have a roll in my Mormon faith and I don't need anything more
to supplement or make me feel otherwise.
I am grateful for this knowledge and know that it is a blessing.
I also believe that God created His children and
loves each one of them equally, no matter what they do.
I believe that I can teach my children to love everyone, as I do--regardless
of what they choose to do in this life
or how they choose to live it and with whom.
But I also want them to know that they don't have to
accept or agree every one's lifestyle to feel like they can fit in society today.

I can't tell you how liberating it is to follow rules, follow a living prophet
of God, and to teach this to my family.

Happy weekend.

Home and Family
The family is the most basic and important
unit in society and the highest priority
 for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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