Monday, January 06, 2014

Hotel living and Christmas Eve

{The Gap photo shoot the children were in this holiday season...
do you notice anyone else you know?  photos by Matt Clayton}

I am sitting at the lobby at the Provo Marriott typing this entry.
Mr. Nielson is sitting next to me while he finishes up some work and the 
Little Nies are snug in their beds locked away for the night.
Hotel living is chaotic and unorganized.
Eating out is getting old.
Taking a break from washing dishes, vacuuming, making beds, 
and cleaning bathrooms has been super nice.
But I have a sneaky suspicion in a few days
I will be so excited to those jobs again.
We will be here for a few more weeks while Fox Hill is painted,
and appliances are moved in.
The Little Nies don't mind hotel living.  The girls pretend they are Eloise and the boys love the elevators. I am sure our tune will be different in a few days.
On Thursday Mr. Nielson and I are headed to sunny Arizona where we will be speaking HERE
We are excited for a change of pace and a chance to see friends.

I never blogged about Christmas.  So I will begin with Christmas Eve:
The Clark Family Christmas party held at our local church.
More room for all of us and a stage- every child's dream come true.
Elvin the Elf (Santa's right hand elf-man) came,
as he does every year to bring the children a pre-Christmas gift.

Christmas Eve Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies skiing.
Sundance was beautiful!  The snow was fabulous and the
weather couldn't have been better.
We met up with my brother Andrew and his children and skied
the entire afternoon until the resort closed.
Christmas this year was different.
I didn't decorate since I knew we would be moving
the next week.  We were lucky enough to get a Christmas tree.
It was different, but such a testament to me that Christmas
isn't about those things.  While they are so much fun and so enjoyable for me
as well as the children, its about love, family, and Christ.
I lit my Christmas luminaries, opened Christmas jammies and then the children went to sleep.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Nielson and I didn't fall asleep until 3:00- we were
putting together the bikes and drum set that Santa had left the children.
Mr. Nielson and I had some classic laughs that night.
Tomorrow I will probably sit in the hotel lobby again-
 with no shoes and my Mexican house dress on and blog about Christmas day.