Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boot dust, Nimbus Grey, Winter fat...

On our way to Arizona last weekend, Mr. Nielson and I stopped near the
Utah/Arizona border to snap a few photos of the wide open spaces.
The colors were breathtaking, and exactly my vision for the colors represented
in our new home on Fox Hill.
When we decided to build a home two years ago, I wanted to paint colors in it
that reminded me of the colorful desert, orange mountains, and the big sky.
When we picked out the colors at the paint store, we found colors that really
represented these elements- but not their names.
So, Mr. Nielson and I renamed most of the paint colors to things at the ranch
{and also because we are pretty much awesome like that}.
Names like; coral island, pale oak, and opera glasses were changed to names like
 boot dust, nimbus grey, and winter fat.

Pretty much the same colors you see in these photos:
Then we took a selfie, got back in the car and headed for Phoenix.

 Nie in the Deseret News