Monday, January 20, 2014


Today Claire snapped this photo of me with baby Lottie as
 we snuggled after church 
on the hotel bed.  Lottie had just awoken up from a great nap and 
we both were in happy moods.
She is feeling better, and so am I.
Her sickness is almost gone and she is almost done with her antibiotics.
I am getting some sleep and I went on a glorious date with
 Mr. Nielson over the weekend.
It was much needed to recharge and talk about our goals, relationship, 
mean people on instagram, and our children.
The children don't have school tomorrow 
and it will be nice to connect with them, 
grocery shop, and reevaluate our situation.  
We are moving out of the hotel this week- I think, I hope.
The Provo Marriott staff have been more than kind.
 {My bedroom in Fox Hill}

Fox Hill is slowly moving along.
We pray for the workers everyday and are so grateful for their hard work 
and dedication to this project that we will call our home forever.
Have a great Monday.

Happy MLK day!!