Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to life.

Lottie and I just walked in the door from our fabulous trip in sunny Arizona.
Mr. Nielson, who was with us as well dropped me off at the airport and 
extended his trip to the ranch in New Mexico.  He is going to chop wood, 
and check up on the cattle.  He will probably take a few naps and take the quad
out on a lonely ride- which he will probably really enjoy.
{the big New Mexico sky is enough to make anyone die happy}
I needed to return home and mug on the children and take over. 
My parents did a wonderful job keeping my babies, 
and I am so thankful for their help.
Back to the hotel until Fox Hill is completed.
My dad picked me up from the airport tonight and told me that he checked 
on the house everyday that we were gone.  He said they finished painting.  
I am so. SO. excited!

I was planning on writing more about the conference Mr. Nielson and I spoke at,
the visit to the burn center, and the amazing AZ citrus, but Lottie just woke up screaming.
Don't worry,...she just had a humdinger of a bloody-nose.
I think the airplane ride was enough to put us both overboard.
So I will continue this story tomorrow.

Someday I will also write more about my feelings with my last post. 
A follow-up since I had so much response about it.
Both good and bad and
everything in between.
Thank you for your questions, your support, and your love.