Wednesday, January 22, 2014

6 favorites and Dr. J

We did it, we ended the "live-at-the-hotel" chapter of our lives!
Fox Hill is almost close!  We are bunking up with my parents hopefully 
until the weekend when we will then move ourselves to our new home!
It won't be completely ready--lots still needs to be
 installed and there are decisions 
still to be made, but it will be livable- and I will patently wait until 
we can do the rest.
I went to Dr. J today to have some laser work done on my hand and 
looked into his blue eyes and melted.  By melted, I mean I began crying.
Poor man, I am sure he was dying.  But he was so compassionate and loving and he 
listened to me cry about how I didn't want to do anymore procedure's 
and have pain anymore.  
But in my life, in order to not have pain; I have to endure more pain to relieve the pain.
Whatever I just wrote.
So Dr. J lasered my hand and it hurt.
And because I am crazy and have trypophobia, its hard to look at my hand now
 without dry-heaving, {Lucy, don't look)
and it also hurts like a banshee.
Here are the things we will miss here at the hotel:
1. Hot tub/pool with cousins
 2. Laying with baby Lottie on the always made and always clean beds.
{photo cred: Lottie}
 3. The amazing views of Provo.
 {We had a great view of the new Provo Mormon temple being constructed}
 {We can spot Fox Hill from here!!  Do you see the "Y"}

 4. Quiet mornings with nothing to do.
 5. I will miss those late nights when I would make Mr. Nielson- 
{who was putting in a late night at Fox Hill}
 say the password to get back in the room.
While he did that, I would take photos of him 
through the peep-hole.
 6. Sweet strangers sending flowers and
 food to show love and support to us.  Wow!
 7. Lottie riding the elevator 4000,0000,000 times a day with her
 stroller and exploring the hallways.

Thank you staff at the Provo Marriott....the Little Nies are signing off.  
(and I am sure you don't really mind!!).