Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekend before Christmas

Happy weekend!
Are you so excited that Christmas is next week!
I am.  My kids are!
Mr. Nielson and I have been spendingg hours taking loads
 of stuff from our current home to our new home.  Its exhausting.
 It has almost been one year since we broke ground.  
We have been so ready for this home!  It has been such a labor of love. 
 Mr. Nielson and I designed it- top to bottom.  
I made sure this home has the three must haves:
1. Fireplace with nice large mantle
2. Tub
3. Landry chute 
I will photograph more as the project finishes up and we move in.
I'm also posting photos occasionally on my
 instagram (@nieniedialogues) as construction continues.
The amazing Justin Hackworth has been with us from the start.  
He photographed when we broke ground, and pretty much every month after that.  
We feel so blessed to move into a home we love.

This photo was taken on the footprint of our home last January.
 I love this photo because Claire and I are reacting to this photo:
 Have a great weekend!!

Are you familiar with the RootsTech conference?

This conference is designed to help you collect your family history and stories 
and is hosted by,
the largest genealogy association in the world.
I am speaking on Saturday at the general session.  
I plan on sharing why I believe it's important to keep track of amazing, 
important, and noteworthy events in life (life for example; a plane crash).
RootsTech 2014 takes place on February 6-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
To register, go HERE
Also, check out who will also be speaking at the RootsTech conference:
The Pioneer Woman.  Love her.