Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Tree

It's so nice to have my parents so close.  
Nobody decorates for Christmas like my mom and my dad.
They invited us down to see the train they put under their tree and we {Lottie}
ended derailing it about 30 times.  My dad is so patient.
Tonight we took the children to get our Christmas tree.
It took us three stores before finding the perfect potted evergreen.
Remember when I said we were going to get hot chocolate after 
finding our tree?  Well that didn't happen.
We were exhausted upon entering
 the check-out lane with our 5 cranky children,
 Lottie needed her diaper changed in a bad way,
I am pretty sure it was about 1 degrees,
and the boys were crazy-like, pull-your-hair-out-crazy.
Mr. Nielson and I got home, put everyone to bed, made a pot of 
peppermint tea and called it a night.
These days happen.
Some days life can be so stressful.
 Everything seems to weigh down and sometimes when it rains
it pours.  Mr. Nielson and I are feeling it lately.  The new house, deadlines, Christmas, responsibilities, and my hands hurt.
We also got some very sad news about an
acquaintance who passed away last Saturday. 
We were in a very somber mood today.
My prayers and thoughts go to his wife and children--
whom I have actually never met.
I am grateful for the knowledge that I know I have a Savior who loves me
and knows my sorrows, pain, and desires.  I know he knows me personally.
I also know that even though I can't always control situations,
 I can control my feelings.

* * * * * * * *
 Christmas Favorite:
If you are looking for a gift that will benefit others, check out 
The WE Project which teaches kids that it's important to help others 
and stand for good. 
Another great fun project is "Thought Dots"
check it out.