Thursday, December 05, 2013

Shooting the Gap

Our local Gap invited the Little Nies to be apart of their photo campaign.
The children were so excited!
But not at first.
Nicholas pouted for a solid 10 minutes while trying on his pants and Ollie
boobed about his shirt being too big.
Charlotte just cried the entire time.
But, when it came time for shoot, the children perked right up and nailed it.
Thanks to Matt Clayton for being so awesome and taking such great photos.
{Behind the scenes:}

 I think I have pretty cute children.

 The End....

* * * * * * *
Today's Christmas Favorite:
Remember this adorable photo of Lottie?
Her little dress is a favorite around our house.
  Don't tell the girls, but they are getting more of these 
fabulous traditional Mexican dresses for Christmas.
Also, Lottie's moccs HERE  (amazing!!)