Friday, December 27, 2013

Packing up love

 Still packing up.
My house is looking bare, and I have to admit, I am kind of sad. 
 I am so excited to be moving into my dream home, but sad that 
I am going to be saying goodbye to this home.
She was so good to us.
Lottie will have SO much more room to play with "poky" 
her little doggy at the new home--which we call "Fox Hill".  
{Someday I will tell you why}
While packing, I found a box of cards and well wishes from
 hundreds of friends and strangers in Arizona.
They got together a few weeks after the accident and wrote me 
letters of support, love, and encouragement, even though I was still in a 
coma and teetering on life and death.
As you may or may not remember, family moved us into this home five years ago, 
so this stack of cards were put away in storage and I am just now reading them.
They mean so much to me.  
While reading them, I felt incredibly emotional.
I was crying and praying in gratitude to the
 Lord for my life and for my friends.
I feel so lucky.

 {Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!}
Now, back to work....