Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My book on a cruise.

 {photo by Justin Hackworth}
I got an e-mail from a sweet woman, Barbara from Brazil,
who just recently read my book.
She e-mailed me to share with me her experience.
She recently lost her brother, Leo in an airplane crash and felt 
an instant connection to my story. She writes:

"I know that the first thing that comes to your mind is: Why on earth are you reading a book about a small plane crash if you also just lost your brother on a small plane crash just few months ago?
And the answer is simple: overcome
I started to read this book in English, suggested by a lovely friend from Ithaca and I must confess that I have cried in every chapter, sometimes even reading out loud to Leo. 
I decided to learn something with this special lady’s story."

Barbara mentioned that she recently went on a cruise and left her
copy of my memoir in the cruise library. 
That made me very happy.
I wrote the book in part to help others dealing with pain, sadness, frustration,
heartache, loss, and to all mothers and women everywhere. 
I hope someone else on that cruise line will actually read it and pass it along.

Merry Christmas Barbra!!
{Can I send you my other favorite book ;)

Her copy of the book she left on the boat:
The inside reads:
My name is Barbra Papa and I am donating this book to the to the
 Liberty of the Seas library hoping that this book and its amazing
 story may travel the world giving hope and entertaining a lot of people.  
If you happen to find this book please let me know and make sure to 
let it travel and inspire people.
Enjoy reading!
To buy my memoir, Heaven is Here for Christmas go HERE 

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Christmas Favorites:

Do you have your family Christmas cards yet?
We are taking our photos next week- they might be
New Year's cards since we are a little
late.  But, it's never too late to send holiday love to others.
We are using Pinhole Press this year to create our Christmas cards.
They had such a cool variety of designs and colors.  
I will post the card once it's done.  Its going to be
pretty rad, if I do say so myself.

Also, while you are ordering your cards, seriously consider ordering
this darling custom memory game for your little ones.
It's one of our favorites!

Also, for the best stocking stuffer-- SHWINGS!
My children LOVE these things!!
{Please tell me you have heard of these!}
They can also be found on