Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
I hope today is a wonderful day full of family, traditions, 
peace, love, and worship.
This is the Nielson family Christmas card 2013.
This year I wanted a different family photo taken than our usual.
I imagined myself surrounded by my children and my husband. 
 I wanted them busy doing something while 
I sat in the middle of it all smiling.  
When I look at this photo, I see contentment on my face.
Claire is coloring and being artistic.
Oliver playing with his airplanes (its a shame you can't hear his sound effects)
Nicholas has his favorite animals.
Jane is reading.  That's all Jane does, you know.
Charlotte has a sucker riding her horse aware and unaware too.
And my Mr. Nielson is looking over my shoulder as the protector 
and patriarch of our family.
I don't know why I am in a fancy green dress, other than it's awesome, 
ultra feminine, and green--my favorite color, and I am the only one looking at 
the photo.  This represents my love for my family and role as the mother.
Christmas is family, it's surrounding yourself with the ones you love most, 
it's remembering the birth and atonement of Christ. 
I have a very large wall in my home filled with Christmas cards of all the 
 beautiful families I know and love.
 Smiles, love, and the blessing of family resonate with each photo.  
I love this time of year.