Thursday, December 12, 2013

Like mother like daughter.

Claire attends the same elementary school I went to when I was young.
It is tradition for the 6th graders to pose "crazy" for a class photo.
Today as I was packing up my office, I couldn't help but browse my grade school scrap book.  
It's pretty hilarious and pretty cute too.
It's amazing how similar to my children I am. 
I look just like Claire and sometimes just like Oliver,
 and have the same face shape as Nicholas.
I laughed when I saw my 6th grade "crazy" photo because 
I realized Claire had posed the same way in her
6th grade crazy photo just recently.
Please note, she has never seen my class photo before.
I am looking like I am thinking "Oh man, this is stupid,
 I hate crazy picture day"
And Claire is looking like she is thinking the same thing...
except she is WAY cuter.
I am wearing my brothers sweet jeans and some pretty rad green Nike's.
Also we are standing on the same row, next to our teachers,
 which I though was another amazing similarity.  

Also, a bonus photo:
I will need to tell you about this photo one day.
There is a fabulous story behind it.
It's pretty awesome.

* * * * * * * * *
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