Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love waffles and Mr. Nielson!

Welp, it's official, Mr. Nielson and I have been married for thirteen years.
We still love to eat red vines and popcorn in the movie theater.  
We still stay up late and eat cereal on the couch.
We still celebrate anything and everything we can.
On Monday morning, we met the amazing Waffle Love  
{waffles on wheels... the best waffles you can sink your teeth in}
 in front of the Provo Mormon Temple-- where we were married.
Waffle Love truck rolled up to the parking lot and cooked us love bird waffles.  
They also showed us around their new truck which was made for the lovely state of Arizona.
{I am excited for you, AZ!!}
{Chef Adam making us breakfast}

 This is Adam's beautiful wife Missy, and their beautiful baby girl.
After breakfast, Mr. Nielson dropped me off so my niece Lindsay Kay 
could fix my hair for our family Christmas card photos--
 which we took later that evening.
{Photos on the blog soon!} 

Then we took the Little Nies out of school and drove to the beautiful Sundance Mountain Resort where we took family photos with 
the amazingballs Blue Lily Photo.
(more about this tomorrow}
Mr. Nielson and I then continued celebrating out anniversary by 
staying the night at Sundance in cozy little lodge that sat comfortably 
overlooking the ski resort.   It was cozy, warm, and romantic.  
It was hard to come home but nice to come home together.
Back to the grind.
I need to go to the grocery store.
I need to continue to pack and move.
My goal in this busy mania is to read at least three Christmas books
to my children before bed.  

To find where the Waffle Love truck will be roaming, follow them on Facebook