Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas shopping.

Well, this is it.  The last few days of Christmas shopping.  Are you ready?
I finished last week--I think.  I took Lottie with me.  
She was pretty much the worst, and by that I mean super grumpy.
Tonight is the Clark family Christmas party.  
My children are very excited. There is nothing like
being a child at Christmas.  It truly is the best.
I hope our Christmas cards come tomorrow.  I still haven't sent them out yet.  
Did I already mention how behind I am with a lot of things in my life?  
Little by little our house is being boxed up
 and it looks like the Grinch is having
his way with the Nielson home.
Have a great Monday!

****Christmas Favorite****
My brother Andrew has a very talented neighbor.
She creates amazing things out of reclaimed wood.
When Mr. Nielson and I moved from New Jersey to Arizona,
we took the wooden furniture we found in 
the garage home with us.
Its been loved and weathered-- perfect for Pauline
to recreate something else with it.
She made this cool Christmas tree for Andrew.
Check out Pauline's site HERE

Instagram: @myalteredstate
Twitter: @tagirlpauline