Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas books

One of my favorite things about Christmas is when I pull out and read 
our Christmas books to the children.
I have a stack of favorite books about the birth of Jesus, Snowmen, Santa, and Christmas trees.
We try and read at least three books every night.
Hopefully when the children are out for their Christmas break, we can read more.
I am officially done with Christmas shopping.
I finished up at Target with Lottie in tow.
It was the worst shopping experience of my life.  
{Even worse than this time.}

Now I hope to enjoy the rest of my days reading books to my children.
It will be hard in between packing and organizing for our move.
But my goal is to read each Christmas book we have in our collection
before Christmas. 
Are you ready for Christmas?
I finally ordered my Christmas cards. I am behind.
I feel behind with everything in my life right now.
 Here is a Christmas card preview.
Explanation later. 

 * * * * * * *
 Christmas Favorites:
Speaking of books:
Claire and Jane has read and eaten up every last page of these
 darling magical books by Melissa Lemon.
Check into them: (click on photo for link)