Friday, November 22, 2013

Working this weekend.

Lately I have been cleaning out cupboards and my stuff.
It's mostly been nice.  Nice to get rid of old things,
throw out broken things, and donate
other things to sisters, friends, and the local charities.
Usually I get the children off for school and then Charlotte and I get to work.
 She usually stays in her jammies (maybe sans diaper) until it's lunch time.
Then I feed her, bathe her, put her down for a nap and pick up where I left off.
I continue to work until about 2:20 when I decide Charlotte will be awake soon,
and the Little Nies home from school.
 I then decide to shower and prepare
for the hustle and bustle of my life after the children walk through
the door with demands, stories, and responsibilities.
This weekend I am planning on getting seriously serious
 about organizing and cleaning.
As in- get it done.
I am going to need help from my children- in a big way.
Mostly to occupy Lottie while I work.
 {Here are a few things Lottie does while I work:
(1.) Try on doll's glasses, and 
(2.) get stuck in small spaces with large boots on.}

Then I am going to need Mr. Nielson's help (muscles)
to carry the large loads of piles
I have all over my basement out to the car or to unload somewhere.
So, my weekend will be spent here at home- probably in my PJ's-working.
I will probably yell at my kids a few times, we will for sure skip
lunch (I hate to stop work to eat) and I will probably want to cry a few times.
 I frequently get frustrated when I work because truth is, it's hard to be a nice
mom and a focused worker/organizer; especially when the focus is not particularly on the children.
But, my goal is to have all of downstairs done before
we leave to Arizona for Thanksgiving. 

Good luck with whatever you are doing this weekend!
I hope it's something fun.
 * * * * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment:
Christ's admonition to care for the poor and needy is a doctrinal imperative
 for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).