Thursday, November 14, 2013

The day Lottie and I went to work with Mr. Nielson-in our Pajamas.

While Mr. Nielson worked, I took photos of my baby girl in her warm pink boots
and admired the beauty around me.
You can't see in these photos, but I had the most amazing view of the mountains.
The leaves changing colors and the golden sun shining on them like glitter.
I think I took about 45 photos- I couldn't resist; the colors so fascinating,
my baby so beautiful, and the such an interesting background.
I never EVER miss a chance hanging with Mr. Nielson- even in my pajamas.
I relish every moment I can with that guy. 
He's my best friend...and Lottie too, of course.

Christmas is coming!!!!
 Periodically from now until Christmas, I am going to share with you
some of my favorite things and suggest you check them.
These goods will make wonderful Christmas gifts or decorations!

I am such a fan of Becky and Kurt Knudsen!
They make the beautiful glass stars I have adorning my home in almost
every window.  They are colorful, cheerful and serve as a perfect
gift or decoration for you home.
Check them out- they have such a fun Christmas selection!

How cute would these small mini stars look on a Christmas tree!!

**FYI, Mr. Nielson and I are speaking at the Stand For The Family conference
tomorrow night in Sandy, Utah.
Information HERE**