Thursday, November 21, 2013

Justin and Tacos

Yesterday I went to get some head shots at Justin Hackworth Photography 
 here in downtown Provo.
  I needed some updated photos for upcoming speaking engagements and the like.
Justin is such a great guy to work with.
He made me feel so good about myself and treated
me like I was so photogenic.
It was a lovely hour in my day.
After my shots were done, 
Justin photographed Mr. Nielson and Lottie.
The lighting in Mr. Hackworth's studio is perfect.
After, Justin directed us to the taco shop, "Rocco's" just below his studio.
While we waited for out fish tacos to be made, we watched Lottie pick 
off the marigold heads one by one.
(they are on their way out anyway).
Lottie fell asleep in the car on the way home.
I put her to bed, played Christmas music and cleaned the house up before
 the other Little Nies came walking in the door from school. 

Then my day was as follows:
Church activity for the girls & Scouts for the boys
(including Mr. Nielson}
(after 3:30 tomorrow, I will repeat}