Monday, November 04, 2013

Fairy Birds

For Claire's birthday party, we asked beautiful twin sisters
Heather and Heidi, creators of True Birds to come and share with us 
the children's book they just wrote.
{photos by Sandy Whitaker Photography}
Heather flew in from Texas and turned into "Miss Wisteria".
The sisters wrote the book because they felt inspired to create something beautiful and cheerful for 
children in the literary world where they learn positive 
attributes like giving, kindness and love.
Claire decided to invite all of her girl cousins
who showed up in fairy slips and wings.

 We walked up the hill to Old Willow Lane 
where a little spot in the woods was decorated for the party. 
As we entered the secret spot, Miss Wisteria aka: Heather,
a character from the book, warmly greeted each girl.

The girls listened as Miss Wisteria read the darling book.
The girls were so involved and excited to participate. 
After the book reading the fairies left the woods and went back home where they each wrote down ideas how they could be a true fairy while eating Claire's delicious birthday cake.
Lets talk about that cake.
{Charlotte ate about 3 of those fondant mushrooms, she also threw up the next day.}
 Megan the sweet tooth fairy created a extraordinary cake for Claire.  
Perfect with the fairy-woodland theme Megan made
 made a fabulous toadstool cake.  
It was so so so so so good too.  I saved the extra cake in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator.  I nibble at it periodically throughout the day because I am awesome, and I can.
We asked the cousins not to bring gifts to Claire's birthday party. She wanted the party to be about fun and togetherness 
rather than gift-giving. Claire is such a mature 
little 12-year old.  Expect right now she is throwing 
a fit because she can't do her math homework.  
Math is pretty much a different language to me, 
so sadly I just sit and
 watch her complain and can't help.  
I like to tell her that I am good at other things.
Please visit to buy the book and 
for more information including the wonderful reviews
(Real Simple & Parents Magazine, to name a few)
And, check out the Fairy Birds blog where they
feature little children who give and create giving projects to encourage the giving movement.
This video sums up what our little fairy party was all about.
I can't believe I have a twelve year old!