Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dr. J, Lasers and Trypophobia

Sweet frames Mr. Nielson
Dr. J is pretty much a regular on my blog.  
He is one of the hero's who saved my life and is helping me maintain 
a healthy, happy lifestyle. 
Part of that "lifestyle" is through his laser.  It's amazing. 
 I have been the happy recipient of laser treatments on my face in past.
It has done so much good in my recovery and appearance.
It breaks down so much deep tough scar tissue from my burns. 
I am so happy with the results. 
 I have so much more movement in my neck and face.  
Dr. J is starting to work his laser magic on my hands. 
Check out my spontaneous sweet new sore between my fingers.  Hurts awesome.
My hands are sore, stiff and chapped- all the time. 
The laser process is kind of painful 
and looks horrific after, but SO WORTH it.
After Thanksgiving I am going back to Dr. J's office to have my 
hands lasered so I can have better movement.
Last week Dr. J used his laser skills on Mr. Nielson's hand and arm.  
Because I have Trypophobia (I was seriously diagnosed) 
The photo above makes me ill, but I wanted to show you 
what the laser does to the burned skin.  
OMGosh, I might die now.  Is that the grossest thing you have ever seen?
{Do you have Trypophobia?)  When I look at small clusters I get hot and sweaty 
and I usually cry because it makes me frustrated and sick. 
I can't explain it, but it's horrible.
So if you suspect you have this phobia, DON'T LOOK AT THE LINK ABOVE...seriously.
I did, and have permanent chills and I can't get the images out of my head.

Moving on...

Other favorite past times at Mark's office include hair removal.  
Since my arms were burned parts of my arm pits were too.  
Shaving burned skin is pretty painful.
(there is  probably a phobia of that too, which I don't know about,
 but I probably have it}.
To learn more about laser, hair removal or the amazing things Dr. J is doing, 
visit his website HERE
If you happen to live in Arizona, visit  Dr. Maffi for these services.
 Laser love a few years ago.