Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Autumn and motherhood.

Utah has had some of the most beautiful weather.  Autumn has been fantastic!  
Warm in the afternoons and chilly at night.  
Chilly enough for Mr. Nielson to make us a comfy fire
to relax by when the afternoons turn dark so soon. {day light savings= the worst}
I went outside the other day with my best friend- Lottie, to snap some photos
and capture these amazing sites outside and the breathtaking colors.
Gorgeous gold leaves still cling to some of the neighborhood trees 
while other trees are bare and have long since lost their leaves.
 The leaves wave in the wind and fall down like glitter.
I wish I could describe the smells and sounds in this post.  
Just come to Utah and see for yourself.
While outside, Lottie wandered into the abandoned dog house (R.I.P Jimmy).  
I took photos of that.

Then I took photos of Lottie reaching for apples on our backyard tree.  
She pulled down about seven.
 She'd take a bite of each apple then put them in a pile for the deer
who frequent our backyard for winter food.
The deer come late at night to eat, and Lottie's seen them 
venture in only once or twice
when she was a stinker and wouldn't go to bed (like last night for instance).

 And then I took photos of her eating the apples.
 Then I knelt down on top the crunchy leaves and let Lottie jump on me.
My heart was full of gratitude. 
Have you ever been so thankful in one moment, you don't know what to do?
 I am in a beautiful season of my life; Autumn and motherhood.
 I was so thankful my knees could bend and I could get down to play with 
my children.  Nic came wandering outside and told me about this girl he thinks
is pretty great, and then about the Lego's he wants for 
Christmas and then mid sentence, he ran away because across 
the fence his buddies (including Ollie) were playing football.
Then Lottie got up and wandered over to the fence and screamed to get over.
I handed her to the kids over the fence and she played contently with the other smaller children.
I went inside and made dinner, listened to Christmas music (yep, you heard me)
and called them all in when the street lights came on 
(day light savings= the worst)
Good times.