Friday, October 25, 2013


Last night we joined our favorite family, the Linebaughs and
experienced the spooky Halloween lift ride at Sundance.
We loved it.
I decided to opt out on bringing Lottie.
We took her on a lift ride earlier this month
and she screamed the whole way.
Not such a good place to try and wrangle an 18 month old.
The children were all bundled up and armed with
hot chocolate, blankets, and glow sticks.
This is now a Nielson family Halloween tradition.

As the lift crept up the dark mountains, spooky Halloween scenes
{graveyards and zombies to name a few}wandered below our feet.
Oliver was especially frightened.  He kept telling me how glad he was so
far way from the chaos below.  Honestly, so was I.
Halloween Lift Rides:
October 24 - November 2nd (closed Sunday)
7:00pm - 11pm
Ticket information HERE

Have a great weekend!
On Saturday, I am speaking at Utah's First Lady's conference.
Tickets still available HERE

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