Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We got lucky

LoLo, Harriet, Lydia, Claire, Jane, and Stella

A few weeks ago was the much anticipated BYU Homecoming parade!
I have been going to this parade since I was a little girl. 
It's just down the street from my home so we bundled up and rode our bikes.
It was a pretty brisk morning.
The bucket bike is especially important to have because we can 
load up all the treats and free shirts the children snag.
Freddie, Lucy, Betsy, and Andrew

My brothers have pretty sweet tickets for the BYU football games.
(like, front row- 50 yard line)
And once and a while they share their tickets with other lucky family members
This week, Christian and I got lucky.
My brother Jesse, me, Mr. Nielson, and my brother Andrew
Cougs win!

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