Thursday, October 17, 2013

The future is for the Brave part 2

**Breast Cancer Awareness Month**

Remember this post I wrote last week about my friend Barb 
who is a survivor of breast cancer?
Remember this inspiring and emotional video she made?

I want to tell you more about Barb's story.
Barb married Brig White in 2005.

Together they have two beautiful little girls.

One day Barb checked her Facebook page and read that Brig's cousin
(age 29) had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. 
This lead Barb to check and find a lump on herself.
She immediately scheduled an exam and discovered it was cancer.
She was 28 years old.
Barb's official diagnoses came a month later as:
Stage IIIc Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with local metastases.
A week later she had a double Mastectomy.
Because of complications, Barb was hospitalized and her
 breast reconstruction was removed.
She began Chemo in December.
{Barbs looks good in a wig}
{Barb's first chemo treatment post video}

Barb told me that at every decision-making crossroad, 
she chose the most aggressive option. 
Barb is a fighter.

Barb's father Norm,(but everybody calls him "Chief")
has a known history of cancer in his family.
Chiefs mother, two of his aunts, uncle, 
and brother all died of cancer.
 Because Chief and Barb have tested positive to the
BRC2 mutated gene,
it makes them prone to various kinds cancer.
Not all of Chief's children have been tested yet. 

When you or somebody in your life is effected by cancer,
it becomes a huge motivation to find experts in the healing arts.
Everybody wants the best doctors and the best treatments, 
especially for those you love. Believe me, I know.
Barb is alive today but there is a likelihood that her cancer 
may return or one of Chief's other children may be effected.
This is why Chief has personally funded FDA trials for the most
promising cure for cancer ever.
Bio-Path is a public company working with 
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
They are successfully curing cancer.
If you know someone who is struggling with cancer
point them to Bio-path and share this hope.
Watch Barb's inspiring video: