Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Future is for the Brave: Final post

 ** Breast Cancer Awareness Month**

I didn't personally know of anyone who had breast cancer.
 I definitely didn't know of any young women who had breast cancer 
until I found out about my friend Barb.
Social media saved Barb's life.
  Facebook friends prompted her to get checked.
She detected it early enough to be treated which saved her life.
Remember Barb's inspiring video?
This video makes me feel hopeful and it feels good to share hope.
Barb is especially hopeful because Bio-Path is revolutionizing cancer treatment.
 If you know anyone effected by cancer, there is hope!
Barb and daughter Jane
I have seen people suffer from cancer and it's heartbreaking.
Mr. Nielson's sister passed away from another type of Cancer when she was 26.
She left behind her husband and 2 month old baby.
Mr. Nielson's sister Charity and her son Jonah weeks before Charity passed away.
I don't want to see anymore of my loved ones and especially my own
 children have to deal with this.  Ever.
I am grateful for those who dedicate their lives and time to treat it, cure it,
and keep families together.
* * * * * *
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