Monday, October 07, 2013

The best week ever.

Last weekend was amazing- what am I saying, the whole WEEK was amazing.
A M A Z I N G.
Here's why:

Monday: The mountains behind my home are gorgeous!  Vibrant with fall colors.
Tuesday: We take the children to Krispy Kreme to get donuts for our annual "October 1st" party.  Donuts are eaten, cider sipped, and then we watch Disney's  "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
This is a favorite tradition for my Little Nies.
Wednesday: dinner with Projector Dave.
 Thursday: Dinner Mr. Nielson's parents and my parents. 
 It was such a wonderful dinner.
So fun in fact, I don't have any photos.
But I can happily report that both sets of parents get along quite swimmingly.
* * * * * * * *
Friday: Nicholas was the VIP in his first grade class.  
As a family we went to talk about Nicholas and tell his little class how
 adorable and wonderful he is. 
 Saturday: We watched General Conference.
  General Conference is a semiannual world conference of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
held in April and October, where members to listen to instruction from Church leaders. 
It was inspiring, uplifting, right on, and so very helpful.
This year I was honored to be included in one of the talks that was
 given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.
It was a beautiful amazing talk.  
I was so so so very honored- words could never express or describe my my 
emotions watching and listening to his words.  You can see the talk HERE.
I am sure I will blog about this again.
Saturday evening while Mr. Nielson was at the Priesthood session 
I was invited to the Romney residence to chat with Ann about her new cookbook.
{I will blog about this later}.
Sunday: Nicholas Jones turns S E V E N!  I make the delicious 
Lemon cake in Ann's cookbook (see above)
 we watched the last few sessions of conference.
After we have dinner to honor and 
celebrate our youngest son.  He is having a party next week with 
friends.  He has been looking for his birthday since last July.
Last night as Mr. Nielson and I lay our heads down for bed,
we reviewed this amazing week.  We talked about how blessed we felt.
We are so grateful for our lives.
We know the Lord loves us and desires our happiness.  
We know He is in charge.  He is our King and ruler.
The Lords way is the only way that we can experience true joy and true happiness 
on this earth, I know that, but I really felt it this past week.
Mr. Nielson and I also talked about how grateful we feel that both our
parents are still alive, healthy and strong.
How amazing it is that we were able to take our parents out to dinner
and all get along.  

Here's to another good week.