Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin picking

This year the Nielson family picked out our 
pumpkins at the local grocery store.  
 I know that going to a punkin patch is fun and cute
but this year, it made more sense to get toilet paper, 
dinner and pumpkin's on the same trip!
 I think Lottie rolled about 10 small pumpkin's in the road.  
Then it became a game and she couldn't get enough of watching her siblings (especially Ollie)
 make a big deal out of the rolling pumpkins.
Each child picked out a different size and shape.
Claire chose an almost perfectly round pumpkin.
Jane's pumpkin was long and HUGE (too heavy for the grocery store scale).
Ollie was more concerned with his pumpkin's stem- 
he wanted it to be long and curly.
Nicholas really wanted a warty one, 
but I advised that carving him would be difficult.  
Really, the warts made me sick.  I hate anything in clusters...especially dots.
Lottie got a fat and round pumpkin, small enough for her to pick up.
These pumpkins look darling on our front porch next to the home-grown pumpkins 
that Boss grew at the ranch in New Mexico.
I love this time of year.
Then, we met our local missionaries for dinner.
{also by the grocery store with the pumpkins...see this was a genius move}
I love these guys!